Elevate your social commerce to the next level

Gesprek is a conversational marketing tool that will supercharge your social media and messaging platforms into a well-oiled selling machine.
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Not just your average Live Chat tool
Sell smarter, collaborate faster. Gesprek is an all-in-one messaging solution to generate, capture, and qualify leads and transform them into loyal customers. Close more deals with live chat. Activate and retain customers with interactive and personalized messages.
Provide real-time support with automation. Gesprek has everything you need to give your customer experience a human touch.
All your interactions in one place
Gesprek empowers your sales and customer engagement teams to respond to messages across multiple platforms. Engage with customers on their favorite channel — whether on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and SMS, or even email or your website. Gesprek enables you to seamlessly manage your customers and qualify leads — all in one easy-to-read and user-friendly dashboard.
Spark meaningful and purposeful conversations
Uncover new opportunities while giving your prospects the VIP experience. Make secure payments on live chat. Personalize your messages. Drive sales campaigns with laser focus. Stop making your buyers wait. Gesprek enables you to conveniently integrate your CRM and knowledge base systems so you’d have all you need to sell to your customers.
Personalized experiences powered by technology
Gesprek is all about creating more personalized customer experiences backed up by scalable but customizable technology. Gesprek is proudly made with Oursky’s own cutting-edge Skygear — a secure, microservices-based framework. Gesprek’s capabilities speak for themselves: It is now used by WiFiBB, one of Hong Kong’s largest Wi-Fi services providers.
Make every customer interaction count.

Social commerce is changing the way to do business. Gesprek can help you keep up.
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